Install CentovaCast your Server

Install CentovaCast your Server
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Time: Lifetime Year: 2023
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I will install CentovaCast on your dedicated or vps Server

Install CentovaCast your Server Our expert team will fully install, configure and setup the CentovaCast ready for you to begin using including:

I will install CentovaCast on your dedicated or vps Server

Requirements for the installation of CentovaCast V3 on your server.

  1.  Free SSL installation
  2.  (requires port 443  available)
  3.  SSL web proxy system,  for SSL streaming,
  4.  Shoutcast V1.
  5.  Shoutcast V2.
  6.  IceCast V2.
  7.  Auto Dj, and FTP
  8.  Setup and test Auto Dj,  Shoutcast and icecast service.
  9. Email Address that will be used to configure the administrator user of the panel.

  1. VPS or Dedicated Server
  2. Cento 7 64bit OS
  3. Server IP
  4. Root Password
  5. SSH Port #
  6. Centova Cast License
  7. Domain Name or Sub-Domain
  8. Shoutcast DNAS v2.6

Important: Centova cast requires a clean installation of Centos 7 OS, or 8 there cannot be another control panel or web server installed.

Note: We recommend purchasing the Centova Cast license first before ordering the service. In this way we guarantee delivery time.

What matters to us is your satisfaction. We grant our work 100%

If you have any questions, We invite you to contact us before ordering the service.